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The Binational Arts Institute (BNAI) and Onirica Productions, in collaboration with Centro de Atención al Migrante “Exodus” (CAME) are producing a feature length film about the migrant experience and its ecosystem, with the migrant shelter CAME in Aqua Prieta (Apson), Mexico as its focal point.



The film visualizes the lived realities and daily struggles of shelter workers from the border communities of Apson and Douglas, Arizona, who work together in a hostile and dangerous climate of mafia violence and unsympathetic immigration authorities from both countries in order to serve a diverse community: the families and individuals from Mexico and Latin America who are seeking refugee in the US due to forced migration and involuntary displacement.

This project will give voice to the people who have become entangled in a huge humanitarian crisis to create humane discussion around the issues of asylum-seeking. It documents the generosity and selflessness of the binational shelter workers who labor tirelessly to provide a brief respite for the migrants and refugees, making the wall “disappear” and creating a bond of solidarity between the cities.

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