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Concert Without Borders

Concert WIthout Borders 2022

Youth and Migration

The  2022 Concert without Borders took place at a new location this year, at the border wall between Naco Arizona and Naco Sonora. The 2022 theme was youth and migration, and it was wonderful to have so many youth participants in this concert who were able to share their talents, as well as collaborate with one another. We were joined by  students from Naco Elementary/Middle School, Greenway School and Naco, Sonora, students from Tecnologico de Monterrey in Hermosillo, Sonora as well as youth performers from Desert Sounds from Phoenix, Arizona. The concert also included a choral performance from La Coral Intérnacional, fire performances from Incandescence and Cirque Roots as well as local regional musicians from Bisbee. We would like to thank you for supporting and attending our concert this year! Please learn more about the performances below. We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Students from Greenway School,
Naco Elementary/Middle School
and Naco SON.
Students from Greenway Elementary School in Bisbee, and Naco Elementary/Middle school performed the songs Habitat, Kusimama, and You've got a Friend on the Arizona side of the wall, and students from Naco Spanish of You've Got a Friend. We would like to give a special thanks to Chorus America for providing us with funding to bring music education to these schools. Thank you to the students for putting in so much hard work, and to their parents for their incredible show of support for this event. 
Tecnológico de Monterrey
Music students from the Tecnológico de Monterrey in Hermosillo performed an original song "Huellas,"  or Footprints. Their talented singers soloed in arrangements of "Stand by Me" and "Take Me Home Country Roads," Their band collaborated with the regional musicians from Arizona that participated.  
Desert Sounds 
Desert Sounds is a nonprofit organization located in Mesa, Arizona, and they provide affordable music education to local youth. Their mariachi ensemble performed incredible renditions of the songs La Llorona, La Negra, and Cascabel at the concert. They also participated in other songs presented at the concert, including "Country Roads," "Stand by Me," and "Hotel California." If you would like to learn more about Desert Sounds, please click below.
La Coral Intérnacional
La Coral Internacional involved remote participants from Panama and Tucson Arizona, as well as local chorus singers to perform an original choral work, All Belong, composed by Lori Keyne. La Coral Internacional began as a project during the pandemic.  Singers make audio files of their voices, and the Bi-National Arts Institute engineers and mixes their voices together.  The coral has included people from Panama, Jamaica, Venezuela, Mexico, Switzerland, the U.S. and Japan.  We hope to include this group of voices and invite more participants to perform at our future choral works at the border.
Incandescence, Phoenix, and
Cirque Roots, Tucson
Mesmerizing fire performances by Incandescence, from Phoenix, Arizona, and Cirque Roots, from Tucson, Arizona, accompanied the musical performances. They gave an outstanding performance that helped to make this evening unforgettable!
Regional Musician's from Bisbee Arizona
Regional musicians from Bisbee Arizona took part in performing most of the songs presented at the event. Their incredible skill and abilities were an amazing addition to this concert. 

Video Essays from El Tecnológico de Monterrey Escuela de Humanidades y Educación

The following video essays were created by students in the school of Humanities and Education at El Tecnologico de Monterrey, who participated in the Configuration of the Digital World Video Poetry and Video Essay Contest for the 30th Anniversary Monterrey International Book Fair. The videos were inspired by the work Los Ninos Perdidos, written by Valeria Luiselli, and the theme of the contest was “Youth and Migration.”

 Alfa Ivana Meling Navarro - 1st Place

Paula Rebeca Carreño -2nd Place

Helena Gracia Galaz - 3rd Place

Thank you to Carolyn Toronto for capturing these pictures and videos from our
2022 Bi-National Concert Without Borders.
Please visit her Facebook page here.
Thank you!
A big thank you to all our sponsors, performers, Kurt Hauser, Maria Elena Borquez, Janina Walters, Dee Witt, Alexis Moreno, Maria Encinas, and all board members of the Bi-National Arts Institute, including Seth Polley for your time and effort in making this a successful event.  We could not have done it without you!!
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