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The Bi-National Arts Institute -BNAI- is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating and strengthening our border community with bi-national arts creation, education, performance and exchange through:

  • Musical programs and events from both sides of the border.

  • Cultural exchange programs between the United States, Mexico and other countries.

  • Youth and adult collaborative programs in both the United States and Mexico.

  • Projects which channel the creative expression of music, poetry, film and other media by celebrating our shared human experience across the border​.

Bi-National Arts Institute Logo
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BNAI is once again participating in Arizona Gives Day. Our goal is to raise

$12,000 between now and April 8 to ensure we have materials for our

summer construction weeks, to provide opportunities for youth to expand job

and language skills, and to support our music programs in ambos Naco. You

can use the QR code to go directly to our page on the Giving site or go

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El Centro featured in
My Herald/Review 

Read more about our mission to celebrate our border community in Naco Arizona and Naco Sonora by clicking the link below!
"Uniting the two Nacos through El Centro" by Lyda Long
Life In Cochise El Centro
Thank you Chorus America for featuring the Bi-National Arts Institute
in their Grantee Spotlight!
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New site of El Centro Café
and Community Center

We would like to express our immense gratitude to Southeast Arizona Renovations, LLC, for the acquisition of these buildings, which will become the new site of El Centro Café and Community Center.

We are excited to work on restoring these two historic buildings, located at 3841 and 3843 S. Towner Ave in Naco!

If you are interested in volunteering to help with the restoration of these buildings, please contact us at

Bi-National Arts Institute 2023 goals

Please check our site regularly and subscribe to our newsletter for information
  • Work days to restore the 3841 and 3843 S. Towner Ave buildings which will include Youth Job Skill programs related to the renovation.
  • Moving El Centro Café and Community Center to our new location.
  • New hours at El Centro Café and Community Center, now open before and after school Monday through Friday.
  • Computer Literacy classes, Language Acquisition Classes to include English classes for adults and youth and Spanish classes for adults.
  • Youth Job Skill programs related to:
Construction and trade
Music leadership positions
  • Music education classes for Naco School, and collaborative concerts with Bisbee Unified School District in March and May.
  • Guitar and Singing classes in Naco, Sonora at our 20-30 music classroom on the 2nd floor.
  • Upcoming Concert Without Borders events

El Centro Community Center Goals

At El Centro Community Center we aim to strengthen our community and celebrate our local culture, empower the youth by raising awareness of the interdependence we share. To help increase self confidence by teaching marketable skills and provide a sense of community!

El Centro Community Center


Are you interested in being a part of BNAI and El Centro Café and Community Center?

At El Centro Café and Community Center, we are looking for Youth Café Volunteers, help with our Language Acquisition, Computer Literacy, and After School programs, as well as volunteers to help us restore the two buildings we have acquired on Towner Ave.

We also hold special events, such as our Concert Without Borders. If you are interested in participating in these events, or being part of the team that makes these events possible, we would love to hear from you! Local artists from both sides of the border are strongly encouraged to take part in the BNAI programs.

There are also other ways to participate in our mission. New volunteers, supporters, sponsors and donors for existing and new programs will be all welcome!

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